Our Mission

At College Church Connection, we believe the trend of students walking away from their faith in college can be reversed if they can quickly connect to campus ministries and churches. Youth leaders and school counselors are in a unique position to build this bridge for their students. And this project supports these leaders by providing detailed reports that recommend Christian contacts, college-town churches and campus ministries for the specific college each student will attend.

This nonprofit project received a grant in early 2014 and started with a pilot project that served 15 high school youth leaders and 58 students from California, Oregon and Washington. Since then, College Church Connection has expanded to serve youth leaders and school counselors across the country. We have researched more than 150 colleges and have a network of more than 1,500 campus ministry directors and college-town pastors. At the end of each year we follow up with the students we worked with, and for the Class of 2016, a remarkable 89 percent of respondents had connected with a church or ministry during their first semester of college!