more details on our process

  • We partner with churches or high schools; sometimes we work directly with students.
    • We hear from a youth leader or guidance counselor who wants to have his/her high school seniors receive our recommendations before heading to college.
    • Some churches and schools opt to cover the cost; some opt to have students cover the cost. Our internal cost is $75 per report, but thanks to our generous donors the cost to you is only $15 per report.
  • Students take our survey to tell us their church/ministry preferences.
  • We research each student's intended college.
    • We have network of over 2,000 campus ministry leaders and college-town pastors, and this allows us to create a customized report with 7-10 detailed recommendations for each student.
  • We email our recommendations to each student and his/her leader.
    • Some reports are emailed within a day. Others take up to eight weeks to be sent. It all depends on whether we have already researched a given college.

If you're a leader and you're interested in having your group participate in our process, click here.