Our Testimonials

UC Berkeley has more than 40 Christian ministries. There’s no way I could have navigated the list. College Church Connection recommended four, and I found a Christian community I love within the first two weeks.
— Ruth M., college student
You can read it in their faces – students are relieved and excited when they get this detailed information. Delivering these reports to seniors is one of best things about my job.
— Jason Wilkinson, a youth ministry director at Calvary Chapel in Hillsboro, Ore.
Going to Notre Dame meant leaving my friends from high school. College Church Connection helped me find a cool community to plug into, and I feel at home here.
— Royce B., college student
I’m thrilled to share that the student contact information you sent allowed us to reach out to this student over the summer, and, as a result, an RUF staff person met with her the first week of school and she got connected to our freshman girl’s Bible study. Thanks to you, she has found a Christian community right from the start of her college transition. It’s been a great blessing to have her in our ministry.
— Brent Webster, Reformed University Fellowship at UC Berkeley
Most students simply don’t have the time to research churches. These reports give freshman a huge head start.
— Jason Kidd, director of Marriage & Family Life, Archdiocese of Portland
Too often in youth ministry, we focus on students’ faith up until graduation. These reports help us intentionally launch our grads with the connections they need to keep their faith in college.
— Chris Lyons, pastor at Bethany Community Church in Seattle
There are so many materials associated with the college prep process. This report, however, guided my daughter to a great community where she is growing in her faith.
— Wendy W., parent of a student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
For the last seven years, I have been a Young Life leader for the same bunch of girls. As each of them decided on universities to attend across the country, I tried to find Christian groups for them to join. It was really hard and very time consuming! Then I happened upon College Church Connection. They researched churches and Christian organizations for each girl and gave each a personalized list of contacts. The results have been great! My girls are going to College Young Life, Cru, campus churches, and Bible studies. THANKS CCC!
— Connie Wysaske, Gig Harbor, WA
These students are bridging into adulthood and now have freedom to really make their own decisions, and we can’t force them to get connected to a Christ-centered community. College Church Connection presents opportunities that students may not have known existed. Time and time again, no matter how aggressive our advertising, we run into students who find our ministry at the end of their senior year and regret they didn’t get plugged in from the beginning. So thank you, College Church Connection, for what you do!
— Dan Donohoue, Parkland Foursquare Church
Thanks for referring this student to InterVarsity at Longwood! She’s been attending small group regularly and has taken an interest in our leadership training program. She’s a joy to have around, and I’m glad she’s part of our community. Thanks again!
— Emily Gibbs, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Longwood University